Error #1046 – No database selected SQL import on XAMPP

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Error #1046 – No database selected SQL import on XAMPP – This article will take you through the common SQL errors that you might encounter while working with mysql, sql,  drupal. The wrong arrangement of keywords will certainly cause an error, but wrongly arranged commands may also be an issue. SQL keyword errors occur when one of the words that the SQL query language reserves for its commands and clauses is misspelled. If the user wants to resolve all these reported errors, without finding the original one, what started as a simple typo, becomes a much bigger problem.

SQL Problem :

I am trying to import the SQL database from my Drupal production site into a sandbox testing site on my local machine. I currently use XAMPP on my machine here at work.

I have downloaded my db aipiadxxm_if9DHdr.sql and then I go to the phpMyAdmin on http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php then to -> Import.

After I import the db I get this Error:

SQL query:
-- Database: `aipiadxxm_if9DHdr.sql`
-- --------------------------------------------------------
-- Table structure for table `if9d_access`
`aid` int( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ,
`mask` varchar( 255 ) NOT NULL default '',
`type` varchar( 255 ) NOT NULL default '',
`status` tinyint( 4 ) NOT NULL default '0',
PRIMARY KEY ( `aid` )

MySQL said: Documentation
#1046 - No database selected 

What is causing this error message: #1046 - No database selected ?

Solution :

You need to create and/or select the database on your sandbox machine before importing the SQL for the table structure and data.

In phpMyAdmin, this means choosing a database from the sidebar and then using its import tab. If the database you want to fill doesn’t exist, you have to create it first using the Create new database form.

After import, you should confirm that the export-import process hasn’t affected the anonymous user record (uid 0).

Finding SQL syntax errors can be complicated, but there are some tips on how to make it a bit easier. Using the aforementioned Error List helps in a great way. It allows the user to check for errors while still writing the project, and avoid later searching through thousands lines of code.